Tome Topple { July 6th – 12th } // THE DAY ISN’T OVER

Tome Topple Wrap Up

Short update post is short… ’cause I kind of only got through two books…

I’m not calling this a failure, because as long as I got at least one book done, I participated, ya know?

the diviners by libba bray

Reviews: The Diviners

I got the Diviners done last weekend (it took me Sat.-Mon. to finish it) and it was sloooow, but I liked it a lot :). I will be waiting a while to get to the sequel (again, it took me TWO DAYS to finish) but since I have book two and three already, it shouldn’t be a problem.

these rebel waves sara raasch

And SINCE THE DAY ISN’T OVER, I’m reading These Rebel Waves right now, so I’m am COUNTING THIS ONE. SO THAT’S TWO BOOKS.

I noticed each round I read one book more than the last round. I went from one book (Gemina) to these two. So no, this isn’t a failure. Next round will be better; the weather will be cool and I read more in cold weather… so until next round 😉 .

coffee name

13 thoughts on “Tome Topple { July 6th – 12th } // THE DAY ISN’T OVER”

  1. I think you did great and like you said, you’re always improving 🙂 I read 2 books as well, as I was pretty busy with everything but still wanted to participate! I hope you like These Rebel Waves, this has been an anticipated release of mine! 🙂

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  2. I REALLY want to get to The Diviners this Fall 🤞🏼glad to see you enjoyed it despite the slower pace. I hear the audiobooks are AMAZING so I’m thinking of doing both at the same time to help me along 😂 Happy Reading! 💓

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