June Wrap Up + July TBR // Gorillaz new album has taken over my life. #sorrynotsorry

Yes, this is a thing that has happened. Humility has been on repeat for the entire month. SOMEONE PLEASE GUSH WITH ME.

Kind of lost myself there… Anyway…

We all know my issues with Contemporaries and how I’m trying to read more of them… so Pride Month helped me out A LOT… Kinda…. And WordPress kept trying my life and uploading post that WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN YET….. So….

In better news, I made it 3% into Pride and Prejudice (!!!) I’m at 26% now so you can’t say progress wasn’t made 😀

I’m going to be using my rep indicators in my wrap up.  This idea was Romie’s @RomieWeDeserveLove so credit for the idea for these markers goes there!

🌈 = books with lgbt+ representation
🌞 = representation of people of colour
♿ =  disability rep
🌸    = mental illness rep
✔ = was on my monthly tbr

📚 = physical book

📝 = ARC

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  • Bruja Born { Brooklyn Brujas #2 } – Zoraida Córdova  + review ✔ 🌞 🌈📝
  • What You Left Me – Bridget Morrissey  + DNF review ✔ 📝
  • From Twinkle, With Love – Sandhya Menon  + DNF review 🌞 🌈
  • Alex as Well – Alyssa Brugman  + DNF review ✔ 🌈
  • When the Moon Was Ours – Anna Marie McLemore  + review ✔ 🌈 🌞
  • Not Your Sidekick { Sidekick Squad } – C.B. Lee  + review ✔ 🌈 🌞
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James  + review ✔ 🌸 📝
  • One Man Guy – Michael Barakiva  + DNF review ✔ 🌈 🌞
  • Monstress Vol. 1: Awakening – Marjorie M. Liu  + review  🌈 🌞♿ 📚
  • Not Your Sidekick { Sidekick Squad #1 } – C.B. Lee  + review ✔ 🌈 🌞
  • This Kiss Quotient { The Kiss Quotient #1 } – Helen Hoang  🌸 🌞 📚
  • City of Islands – Kali Wallace ✰ + review ✔🌞 📝
  • Always Never Yours – Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka  + review 🌈 🌞

Other Reviews

The Bird and the Blade – Megan Bannen || Under Rose Tainted Skies – Louise Gornall

1984 – George Orwell || Illusions of Fate – Kiersten White || Crossing the Line { The Raven Files #1 } – Meghan Rogers

Best this month: Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

Unapologetic Self Plug

I confess my book thievery and discuss my love-hate relationship with romance.

I talk about my social media anxiety and I freak out about half of the year being gone o.O.

The commenting challenge is a go and Tome Topple SHALL BE CONQUERED.

Blogger Insecurities is a thing and I gush about Soul Eater on the Liebster Award

I learned 8 things in nine months of blogging and I check in on my resolutions from January.

Oh, and Muppets… cause why not?

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TTT: Series I May Pick Back Up |

T5WSummer ReadsFather’s Day | Finish Before 2019

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I got my ARC’s sorted out, a more advanced system has been set in place… so there’s that.

I also dyed my hair a reddish orange (… I don’t know how to feel about it)? But other than that, not much has been happening… Wow, it’s been a really boring month :/ .

But other than that, I went into a reading slump the LAST WEEK OF THE MONTH. I MEAN WHY? And I was going to force myself to read and finish my Pride TBR, but that wouldn’t work for me. I’ll read those later, but I think I did pretty good 🙂 .TBR Monthly 07.jpg


  • These Rebel Waves – Sarah Raasch
  • The Looking Glass – Janet McNally
  • A Touch of Gold – Anne Sullivan
  • Let Me List the Ways – Sarah White
  • The Raging Ones – Krista and Becca Ritchie

No real plans for July…I’m hoping for a doctor’s appointment, a job (I’m still working on it) and a new wardrobe… or not because I hate summer. Fall and Winter clothes is where it’s at… and I hate shopping.

But yeah! How’s everyone’s summer going so far? Let me know and wish me luck!

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7 thoughts on “June Wrap Up + July TBR // Gorillaz new album has taken over my life. #sorrynotsorry”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed When the Moon Was Ours. It’s one of my favorite books. Definitely solidified Anna-Marie McLemore as an auto-buy author for me. Getting a handle on ARCs is always a good thing. I always stress a little to a lot when it comes to them. How you enjoy your July and I’m sure your hair looks fabulous!

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