{ARC} Review: Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova || FAMILY MATTERS

Bruja Born

Brooklyn Brujas #2

Zoraida Córdova 

bruja born by zoraida cordova

Three sisters. One spell. Countless dead.

Lula Mortiz feels like an outsider. Her sister’s newfound Encantrix powers have wounded her in ways that Lula’s bruja healing powers can’t fix, and she longs for the comfort her family once brought her. Thank the Deos for Maks, her sweet, steady boyfriend who sees the beauty within her and brings light to her life.

Then a bus crash turns Lula’s world upside down. Her classmates are all dead, including Maks. But Lula was born to heal, to fix. She can bring Maks back, even if it means seeking help from her sisters and defying Death herself. But magic that defies the laws of the deos is dangerous. Unpredictable. And when the dust settles, Maks isn’t the only one who’s been brought back… 

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Published: June 5th 2018




Possible Spoilers For: Labyrinth Lost

Trigger Warning




Blood, Gore, Grief, PTSD, Death, Self Harm

Oh my goodness, I loved this book. A lot. I loved all of the characters and the focus on familial love and the loyalty and ALL OF IT. And I know I didn’t mention it before, but these covers are beautiful ❤ .

After the events of the last book, Lula is still trying to cope with her time in Los Lagos. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, she decided to save her boyfriend, Maks from the coma he’s in after the crash that killed everyone riding…but of course, there are consequences…

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“Why is it that humans like to say that the Deos ask too much when it is you who wants the world to change at your whims and desires? We gave you the world. Find a way to live in it.”

Just like the last book, the pacing is a bit strange in the sense that a lot is happening, but it feels like I’m not progressing? It’s a bit slow, despite the casimuertos and the rush to reverse what they did. However, the second half picked up and I was 50% more invested.

I appreciated the consequences the characters had to deal with. Usually there’s a happy ending and a magical device that fixes everything. But nope. People die. Scars are there. Trauma is dealt with. But throughout it all, family is a constant, even though communication was a thing… that wasn’t being done… and I get it, people make mistakes and I appreciate it, but it’s no less frustrating.

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“You really think I’m going to betray my sister for you? Boy, bye.”

bruja born fanart.jpg

I knew from the first page and even in Labyrinth Lost that I’d love Lula. Her anger, her fears, just everything made me love her as a character.

Again, she made mistakes, but it was a dark time for her, she starting thinking of herself and we see her as a complex person. Look, I love her okay?



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But it’s not just her: I know I had my issues with Alex and was indifferent to Rose, but I loved them in this one, too. Nova also comes back and I love how to took up the role of “brother”. And though we don’t see Rishi until the end, I loved her, too. LOVE ALL AROUND.


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“You’re right, Maks,” I say… ” I did love you. I loved you so much I thought it was the only good thing that had ever happened to me. I did everything in my power to save you.”

“But between you and me?”… “I love myself more.”

Now, don’t go into this one expecting a romance. The lack of romance in this one was such a great decision in my opinion. I’m not saying there isn’t any, but in way, it isn’t there. Lula’s decision to save Maks was out of love, but this story is self discovery, family and self love. Her and Maks don’t do anything, there’s too much going on to be doing the romance thing. There is a mini thing towards the end that I AM HERE FOR AND WANT TO SEE MORE OF, but again, I loved how romance wasn’t there.

All in all, I am a fan now. A huge fan. The cliffhanger has me wanting more, I may reread this one soon ❤ .

17 thoughts on “{ARC} Review: Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova || FAMILY MATTERS”

  1. fabulous review!! bumping this one up on my TBR ❤ and CAN I MARRY THAT COVER
    (for some reason, it reminds me of one of the covers for Strange the Dreamer? which i absolutely love) i'm so glad that family is such an essential part of this story; i feel like especially in fantasy novels, it can be pushed to the side in favor of romance!

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