Review: The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid || What does this spaceship even look like?

The Diabolic

The Diabolic #1

S.J. Kincaid

the diabolic by s.j. kincaid

Nemesis is a Diabolic. Created to protect a galactic Senator’s daughter, Sidonia. There’s no one Nemesis wouldn’t kill to keep her safe. But when the power-mad Emperor summons Sidonia to the galactic court as a hostage, there is only one way for Nemesis to protect Sidonia.

She must become her.

Now one of the galaxy’s most dangerous weapons is masquerading in a world of corruption and Nemesis has to hide her true abilities or risk everything. As the Empire begins to fracture and rebellion looms closer, Nemesis learns that there is something stronger than her deadly force: the one thing she’s been told she doesn’t have – humanity. And, amidst all the danger, action and intrigue, her humanity might be the only thing that can save her, Sidonia and the entire Empire…

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Published: November 1st 2016



Trigger Warning




Death, Attempted Rape, Murder, Self Mutilation/Harm, Torture, Forced Drugging, Rape, Animal Abuse

“It’s terrifying to realize your own decisions are shaping your destiny.” 

Rereading this book, I know this isn’t a perfect book and there are a fair amount of problems, but damn this was entertaining. 

In a world where Diabolics are created and chosen to protect their master, we start with Nemesiswho is the protector for the Senator’s daughter, Sidonia. But when the Emperor invites Sidonia to his ship with the intentions of keeping her hostage for her father’s actions, Nemesis takes her place instead.

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“A Diabolic is ruthless. A Diabolic is powerful. A Diabolic has a single task: Kill in order to protect the person you’ve been created for.” 

First things first, the first half… was a little slow. Yeah, I was invested in learning about Diabolics and the beginning flashback was interesting and horrifying at the same time. They gave her no choice in loving Sidonia and while I believe over time she grew to genuinely love her, she never started out with a choice… and that’s scary.

But the world building was kind of confusing. Getting the layout of the spaceship they’re on and even when they land on a planet, left me confused. It was only one scene in which I could fully see where they were clearly, but that may be a personal thing. It just felt kind of stifling, being on this confusing layout.

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There’s a fair amount of drug abuse and drugging people and an attempted rape, which I didn’t know how that added to the plot. It was mentioned how all of the elites used drugs, but it didn’t really advance the plot except for the attempted rape scene, which in turn primarily added to learning about Nemesis’ character more.

“Some might call us a monstrous pair, and they would be right. Tyrus and I were both scorpions in our way, dangerous creatures crossing the most treacherous of rivers together. Together we might sting – but we also would float.” 

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Speaking of Nemesis and the characters, I liked them, especially Nemesis. She’s in no way a good guy. She stayed true in her motivations, whether in the name of love or otherwise. And watching her find out she has feelings and humanity was great: she deserved it. The relationships she made was so interesting: her dynamic with Sidonia especially towards the end, with Tyrus who though I really like together, something feels really off and the people she met and talked to on the ship. The side characters were forgettable; I do wish they were fleshed out a bit more and didn’t rely on their interactions with Nemesis.

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Spoilers for a side queer characterI don’t understand Sidonia’s death. She confesses her romantic love for Nemesis, all is good… and she dies… let’s not call it queerbaiting, but…


I did have an issue when I went back to re-read this: Nemesis’ journey of finding her humanity is correlated to love. Her love for Sidonia and Tyrus. For the dog she adopts. And as soon as a certain incident happens in the end… my point is proven right and she relapses. I have high hopes for book two and a lot of guesses for the future plot.

We’re doing something different: ever since I found out there was going to be a book two, I have had so many predictions… some of them may be spoilery, so I’ll keep them hidden
  • Tyrus actually killed Sidonia
  • And a new love interest
  • It’s not like I don’t ship them… it’s that evil side of me
  • But that doesn’t mean I know how that’s going to go down

    But other than that, this was really good. The twist and turns and romance and our main character… it all made for a really fun read.

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    1. I have the first and second book at home but I haven’t started the first one yet! It sounds like it’s a pretty good book once you get into it so hopefully I’ll get around to it soon!

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