{ARC} Review: Latchkey by Nicole Kornher-Stace || I don’t think I’m smart enough for this ending because I think I get it?


Archivist Wasp Saga #2

Nicole Kornher-Stace

latchkey by nicole kornher stace

“Fierce, blazing, brilliant. The mythic and brutal world of Nicole Kornher-Stace’s Latchkey is so richly realized, you don’t step into it, you fall.”
—Jacqueline West, New York Times–bestselling author of The Books of Elsewhere

Isabel, once known as Wasp, has become leader of the fearsome upstarts, the teen girl acolytes who are adjusting to a new way of life after the overthrow of the sadistic Catchkeep-priest. They live in an uneasy alliance with the town of Sweetwater—an alliance that will be tested to its limits by the dual threats of ruthless raiders from the Waste and a deadly force from the Before-time that awaits in long-hidden tunnels. 

Years ago Isabel befriended a nameless ghost, a supersoldier from the Before-time with incredible powers even after death, and their adventure together in the underworld gave her the strength and knowledge to change the brutal existence of the Catchkeep acolytes for the better. To save Sweetwater, Isabel will have to unlock the secrets of the twisted experimental program from centuries gone by that created the supersoldier and killed his friends: the Latchkey Project.

Latchkey continues the story begun in Kornher-Stace’s widely acclaimed Archivist Wasp, an Andre Norton Award finalist that was selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Teen Books of 2015.

Publisher: Mythic Delirium Books

Published: July 10th 2018


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Series Review: Archivist Wasp { Archivist Wasp Saga #1 }

My Review 4

Trigger Warning

Violence, Blood, Death

I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS SEQUEL… FOR THE LONGEST. Was I confused for the first 50% of the story? Yeah. But it was still a great second book.

Isabel, A.K.A Wasp, has become the leader of the upstarts after book one’s events.
However, ruthless raiders from the Waste come to  invade and secrets are found in long-hidden tunnels underneath their town. Isabel, along with Ghost and Foster will have to uncover the twisted experimental program from centuries ago.

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Right off the bat, half of the book is Isabel dealing with the effects of book one three years later. She’s lonely in her grief and physical pain since she was the upstarts monster not too long ago. And it’s a slow start. Though after I finished the book, I appreciated the inclusion. She does have one friendship with Sairy and it was complex and full of loyalty.

When things started getting into motion, I was here for it. I won’t lie, when her ghost friends showed up, that was when I got excited. We have a ton of flashbacks, a lot of gory visuals and so many are they going to live scenes. Because throughout this book, I didn’t know who was going to live or die, especially our main character, Isabel. Because throughout the book, she is intense with her loyalty an dedication to fulfilling her promise to Ghost, putting her life on the line multiple times to save the people she cared about.

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There was one thing that I don’t want to assume, but the friendship between Ghost and Isabel… there was so many implications… so many unsaid things. The SLJ Printz Award blog says it best: “What blew me away: World-building, thematic scope, kick-butt female characters, and the fact that there was no romance and yet this is the deepest love story I’ve ever read.” I want to say so much about this friendship, but SPOILERS, so… But Foster was one I came to like her and Isabel’s friendship as well. I wasn’t sure about her, but she grew on me. A Lot.

Side note: I don’t remember this in the last book, but it’s mentioned how the majority of the people in this book have brown skin?? I didn’t know this?? And it’s mentioned multiple times? Our main character has brown skin? I mean, while reading the first book, I automatically assumed Isabel was a POC, so…. Look, I’m a happy camper.

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The ending is the closest thing that I have to an issue (other than the pacing of the first half). I think I know what happened… but I’m not sure? And I don’t like making assumptions, I like concrete answers. But this is a LaRonda thing and is a great excuse to make a book three. That’s me asking for a book three because I love this series a lot.

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