My Fear of Hiatuses {and why I’m taking one}

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I’ve always been that person who was afraid of hiatuses. It was one of those situations where I thought if I left for a while, I’d lose motivation or passion or things would change.

Or I’d be forgotten. Now, I don’t care about follower count or views or any of that, but I have a hard time forming relationships, and so talking with all of you was something I had to work up to and step out of my comfort zone and insecurities (a running theme here on Flying Paperbacks).

Now, I’m not saying the hiatus I’m going to be taking this month is a result of those things mentioned above, it’s because I’m tired. I make it a running joke around here, but I don’t actually sleep much. And it’s kind of affecting my posting. And my schoolwork. And my mental health. And my physical health.

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Because as you all know, I graduate highschool this month and I’ve been getting sicker lately and all that bad jazz. Also, the last week of April had me looking around for something to post. Most of my post are schedule a month and a half in the future, but in that last month in April, I had none other than a blog tour.

Because hiatuses again make me really nervous (even typing this, I’m nervous for my impending disappearance), I won’t be completely gone. I have quite a few ARC’s I need to read and a few other books I want to read, so though I’ll pop in from time to time to check out your post, I’ll mostly be posting reviews and maybe a T5W post only if the topic is spicy and such. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back around the end of the month (or maybe in two weeks… I’m fickle like that) and I can’t leave a comment unresponded to, but that’s the plan right now. You can find me on Instagram while I’m gone, though, so talk to me there 😉 .

I’ll see you all soon ❤

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40 thoughts on “My Fear of Hiatuses {and why I’m taking one}”

  1. omg take care, i’m so happy for you taking some LaRonda timmmeee && also my absolute worst fear is taking haitus *looks over shoulder in complete terror*

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  2. If it makes you feel better I took a 3 month hiatus last year when I got a new job in my field, moved three different times (I was in between places before I got my apartment), and got a new car… I just didn’t have energy to start blogging again from October-almost January this year. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

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  3. Not sleeping is awful. I’m struggling with the same thing for about two-three months now. I wish i could offer some insight, but so far nothing seems to help.
    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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  4. It is evident the bravery and vulnerability it took for you to write this post and, as a fellow anxious insomniac, I applaud you for being so brave and making such a positive choice to put your health first! ❤ Blogging should be a fun outlet for us, and we will all be here waiting for you to return! In the meantime, I am glad we have connected over Instagram! I am wishing you all the best in the last month of high school and hopefully improvements in your sleep and health, too! ❤

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  5. You took all the time you need. Your health should always come first. I’ll be here for when you get back, as I know your other followers will be too! ❤

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  6. I totally feel you, I’m super nervous about taking a Hiatus, because I fear that I will miss out on things and leave behind too much to catch up on 😮 I do think that taking a hiatus is sometimes much needed though, because sometimes life is too hectic. With that being said I hope you feel better soon and take care of yourself 💕

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  7. Don’t worry- we’ll all be here when you get back! Sometimes it’s just necessary to take breaks- I really relate to how tough that can be, but you need to look out for your health first and foremost! Enjoy your graduation 😀 ❤


  8. Darlin’…I’ve taken TWO this year…and I’m still kind of in one. Everyone understands. It’s hard because blogging is fun…but it’s not our (well my) jobs. We have other commitments but blogging almost becomes a part time job. You need to focus on you. We will be eagerly waiting your return ❤

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