#SeasonalSeries Read-A-Thon { March 20th-June 20th }


Hi, how are you today? What’s this? It’s just another challenge to keep me busy, I’m not OVERDOING IT at all-


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I mentioned in a 2018 Reading Goals post that readathons was a thing I wanted to do. However, most of the ones I’ve seen were supposed to be done in a short amount of time (think a week/weekend/24 hours) and… I have school. And graduation. AND A MILLION OTHER THINGS.

So, a readathon that takes place over three months? This is perfect.

This readathon is gonna be all about reading and finishing book series and it is also themed around the yearly seasons!

And since it’s Spring, I chose the Springo Card (it was a typo and I’m keeping it there cause it’s clever XD)

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➽Spring Walk || Every Heart A Doorway { Wayward Children #1 } – Seanan McGuire ✰✰✰✰

➽Fresh Lemonade || The Serpent’s Secret { Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond #1 } – Sayantani DasGupta

➽First in a Series || Children of Blood and Bone { Children of Orïsha #1 } – Tomi Adeyemi ✰✰✰✰

➽Spring Cleaning

➽Forever on your Shelf

➽April Showers

➽Pink on the Cover || Here We Are Now – Jasmine Warga

➽Middle Grade Series || The Kane Chronicles (x)(x)(x) – Rick Riorden

➽Sequel Out in 2018 ||

➽Mother’s Day || Second Hand Origin Stories { Second Sentinels #1 } – Lee Blauersouth ✰✰✰✰

➽Character Growth

➽Free Space || Song of Blood and Stone { Earthsinger Chronicle #1 } – L. Penelope

➽New Release Series

➽Set in the Real World

➽Spring Colors on the Cover || Saga Vol. 2 { Saga #2 } – Brian K. Vaughn ✰✰✰✰

➽Finish Duology || Thunderhead {Arc of a Scythe #2 } – Neal Shusterman

➽Spring Flowers

➽Great Friendship || Akata Warrior { Akata Witch #2 } – Nnedi Okorafor

➽Second in Series || The Speaker { Sea of Ink and Gold #2 } – Traci Chee

➽Sunny Day

➽Set in Spring

➽Green of the Cover || Anne of Green Gables { Anne of Green Gables #1 } – L.M. Montgomery

➽Includes Animal

➽Under 300 Pages || The Bear and the Nightingale { Winternight #1 } – Katherine Arden

I also chose it because these prompt are easier than most, though some of them… I don’t get? What do you mean by Spring Flowers? Or April Showers? I live in Vegas, it barely rains out here O.o

But, it’s okay! I shall become creative… or something. Wish me luck!

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