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GUESS WHO”S FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON STRANGER THINGS??? So, if you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of the show (plus super dark dog) and so when I saw that Kerri @Carolina Book Belles tagged me (thank you by the way ❤ ) how could I not jump on this?? Without any further ado, lets answer these questions:

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The Vanishing of Will Byers – The first book in a series that left you intrigued and slightly confused

TT 17.8

I know this isn’t a series, but it has multiple stories in it, so I’m counting it. Most of the stories confused me, a few intrigued me and I was a dissatisfied sundae.

The Upside Down – A setting you would never want to live in.


Most dystopians… Or any Stephen King book no I haven’t read any of his books…

Eleven – A book that is somewhat damaged but that you love to pieces


Do you mean physically damaged or… my copy of A Light in the Attic has been through somethings O.O

Dustin, Mike and Lucas – A trilogy you go to for a pick-me-up


Okay… I looked and realized I don’t read a lot of trilogies? So instead here are three books that make me happy 🙂

The Demagorgon – A monster you wouldn’t want to face

TT 11.7.1

Whatever… this thing is.

Dr. Brenner – A villain who is both dedicated and manipulative

Links here and here

I mention them a lot, but Sloan and Alice? These two are honestly one of the only villains I 100% respect.

Nancy Wheeler – A book you didn’t expect to like

TT 10

Ha, funny story: I do not like Peter Pan with a passion. So a romance with him and Tigerlily? I did not have the highest hopes for this one. I still don’t like Peter Pan in this story, but Tigerlily and PineSap? I shipped it so hard.

Hawkins, Indiana – A setting that’s just a little bit strange

book review 19

Despite it’s strange nature of moving around, I’d 100% want to live there. Work in the carnival…. be friends with Tree… yeah…

I tag:

…and any Stranger things fanatics!

*You don’t have to do the tag, no hard feelings at all 🙂 *

Let me know if you did the tag, I’d love to see your answers!

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23 thoughts on “Stranger Things Book Tag”

  1. Great post! I love Stranger Things! Daughter of the Burning City was quite an unexpected read for me. I liked it way more then I was expecting, so I’m definitely excited for Amanda Foody’s next book. Also, Under Rose Tainted Skies has been on my TBR for so long!

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