Might I Recommend… New Adult Romance?

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I thought it would be ironic for me, the person who isn’t the biggest romance fan to recommend these and I don’t review them on my blog. Ah, the irony. But I digress. Just because I don’t reach for romance, doesn’t mean I won’t reach for it every blue moon or when the third star twinkles four times… or whatever. And it’s the month of love, so I might as well get a head start on it yeah, the day before is getting a head start… *shakes head* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Anyway, here are my author/book NA recommendations and such.

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Heather Lyons



Books: { The Collector’s Society #1-4 }; { The Royal Marriage Market }; { The Deep End of the Sea }

I don’t mention her as much as I should because I love her. She does some retellings (Medusa, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) but she’s done other things. And can I say she writes the best male love interest? Because she does. Hands down. 

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Mariana Zapata



Books: { Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin }; { From Lukov, With Love }; { The Wall of Winnipeg and Me }; { Dear Aaron }; { Under Locke }; { Kulti }

Zapata writes some damn good slow burn romance. It’s amazing how it can take so long and still keep my interest. The ones I’ve read (because I haven’t read all of them) usually follow the enemies to friends to lovers  and the sick caretaker (am I saying that right?) trope, which have become some favorites.

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Belle Aurora


Books: { Lev }; { Friendzoned }

Again, I’ve only read two of her books (I have an issue on reading spin offs…) but they were so humorous and funny with some high levels of sexy times, though they don’t come until later on in the book.

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Sydney Logan



Books: { Mountain Charm }; { Soldier On }

I haven’t read a book by her in a while (which I must rectify), but I do remember enjoying them. Really cute, not heavy on the sexy times and very quick paced.

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Natalie Ward



Books: { I Love You to Death }; { I Love You, Always }

Only read the two books above, but they were cute, dealt with some tough topics (death, PTSD, family issues,etc) and were surprisingly fast paced.

Yeah, I don’t really like many NA books, but when I do, it’s good times. I liked doing this type of post, I even spruced up my boring banner thingy, so there may be many more…

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Do you guys read New Adult? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Might I Recommend… New Adult Romance?”

  1. I almost never read NA, just cause I find it really hard to find the good ones – so this post is super helpful! Heather Lyons sounds just up my street and Mariana Zapata as well.

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