Review: The November Girl by Lydia Kang || I over hyped it and screwed myself over in the end.

The November Girl

Lydia Kang

TT 11.5

I am Anda, and the lake is my mother. I am the November storms that terrify sailors and sink ships. With their deaths, I keep my little island on Lake Superior alive.

Hector has come here to hide from his family until he turns eighteen. Isle Royale is shut down for the winter, and there’s no one here but me. And now him.

Hector is running from the violence in his life, but violence runs through my veins. I should send him away, to keep him safe. But I’m half human, too, and Hector makes me want to listen to my foolish, half-human heart. And if I do, I can’t protect him from the storms coming for us.

“Three-dimensional vividness…An emotional and dramatic tale of an otherworldly relationship.”

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Published: November 7th 2017



Trigger Warning





Self Harm, Rape

Again with the beautiful covers. But I can’t even blame this on the cover lust— this also had the concept to lure me in, too. No, what had really happened was I read a few glowing reviews, got blinded and auto bought it I could make a Transformers joke, but I’ll spare you. And… I’m a little underwhelmed? However, I do acknowledge that I over anticipated and hyped this book up in my head quite a bit… My fault.

Anda is the daughter of the lake, and doesn’t have a lot of humanity in her. Hector is a runaway with a tragic past. Both are alone on this island running away from the inevitable.

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Now, you can’t tell me the premise isn’t amazing. The November Witch? Huge storms and such? Sign me up. And the sensitive topics? Sexual abuse, physical abuse, racial topics— Hector is Black/Korean. It wasn’t forced or awkward, it was weaved into the story gradually and naturally.

And this book was surprisingly darker than I was anticipating. I’m not saying I wasn’t expecting this to touch on themes that are a bit uncomfortable, but a few scenes were trigger inducing.

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Yet, despite the cool premise, the characters made at the central point of the story. Anda and Hector are opposites, so this leads to the opportunity for both of them to learn from each other. I won’t lie, I like Anda more than Hector. She was so apathetic and amazing.

Hector… was missing something? I felt for him, but his character didn’t cling to me as well as Anda did. I did have an issue with the romance. Well, it’s not really an issue… I just got bored and uninterested with it after a while.

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The pacing was a bit confusing, it was fast yet slow? I did have to take breaks and some parts lost my interest. The action was fine,in general, everything was just fine. You see my issue? I prepared myself for more than fine.

And the ending? Don’t know how to feel about it. I usually love open endings, they tend to satisfy me which is strange since they’re open. But this ending… again, don’t really know how to feel about it. I did enjoy the book, but it felt a bit lacking.


6 thoughts on “Review: The November Girl by Lydia Kang || I over hyped it and screwed myself over in the end.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this wasn’t that great – disappointing books with beautiful covers and interesting synopses are the worst. I haven’t heard much about this but what I heard wasn’t good, so I’m probably not going to try it.

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