A Year In Reflection and Wishes For the Future

EoTYR (1)

Dear 2017 & 2018 Me,

It’s been… a year. A lot of changes, new things yet I don’t think it was an extraordinary year. I’m making this for you to show you how much you’ve grown, just in case you need a reminder. Because you have grown so much- more than intended to be honest. You made the switch to online school after a stressful junior year- good decision by the way 🙂 . You tried kickboxing, which quite literally kicked your ass. And the blog. This wonderful space you’ve created for yourself. You started late in the game because of insecurities, but that’s normal. It’s apart of growing and such. We’ll talk about that later.

You made it to your 17th birthday! Granted, nothing happened… but it’s still a milestone. Yes, things are still confusing, you don’t know who you are right now, the future isn’t a clear picture, but you’re a little closer to finding yourself. You went through quite a few hair changes. From orange to green to (finally) blue, but okay,

You thought I was joking?

you’re still unsatisfied and maybe want to try pink. Maybe… But you know what that means? You’re accepting your quirks. I remember you having issues with that. Math is still kicking your ass. I have nothing to say to that other than keep trying? Yeah, it’s hard, but you have to do what you have to do.


IMG_20171130_140935You have a new best friend. Yes, she is wild. Her nails sometimes cuts deep and her tail hurts. But you love her even when some *cough mom cough* thinks she’s ugly. Which she isn’t! She cuddles with you when your sad or not feeling well. She’s playful when your in that weird giddy mood you get sometimes out of nowhere. You guys are going to have some fun times, mark my words.

You have read some amazing books, too. Some that put you in a borderline depressed state, some that opened your mind to the LGBT+ community and such.  You got into a few bookish discussions (and though you got scared and left almost immediately, you did it. I’m proud of you 🙂 ). And this blog. You have made a happy place. Yes, your fears and insecurities held you back for a while, but you did it. You pushed through. You’ve talked to some extremely kind people, decided that your opinion mattered and that it wouldn’t matter if no one saw them, they were out there and they were yours. Next year may be terrifying- graduation, college, independence – but you’re pretty good at going with the flow, taking everything by ear. You’ve got this. Next year, I want you to be bolder. Wear what you want to were (yes, that means if you want to wear sweats outside, you can do that). And as always, keep reading.

With all my love,



P.S. You remember that magical cinnamon roll you got earlier in the year? Treat yo’self again.


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