Review: The Cellar by Natasha Preston || Flowers have never been more funny

The Cellar

The Cellar #1

Natasha Preston


Nothing ever happens in the town of Long Thorpe – that is, until sixteen-year-old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace. No family or police investigation can track her down. Spending months inside the cellar of her kidnapper with several other girls, Summer learns of Colin’s abusive past, and his thoughts of his victims being his family…his perfect, pure flowers. But flowers can’t survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out…. 

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Published: March 1st 2014



Trigger Warning





Rape, Murder, Abduction, Abuse

“Good evening, Flowers.”

laugh gif

The hell is that line? That is the least intimidating line in the entire book. AND IT GET REPEATED OVER AND OVER AN-

Okay, sorry.

To start this review, let me preface that not only was this book not even on my radar, I kind of got this book on accident. It was my 16th birthday and my sister decided to take me to Barnes and Noble. And I could not figure out what to get for the life of me. On top of that, the place was closing… so I kind of just randomly picked a book up. I don’t even read this type of genre. So, now it’s a year later and I’m just now getting to it. 

Story over.

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I’m going to summarize this real short and quick since not much happens anyway: Summer gets kidnapped by a man looking to create the perfect family. Her and 3 other girls, renamed after flowers do…nothing for 80% of the book. Just… think of Cloverfield Lane in a way— where the guy kidnaps the girl thinking he’s protecting her when he’s just delusional and Jason—  because mother is his guide… or something.

“My mum was right: the longer you were with a man, the grosser they became.” 

I’ll start with the villain(?), Clover, who was the least frightening person EVER. I mean, I was scared of what he was going to do in the sense of doing general bad things, but he himself wasn’t memorable or intimidating. It didn’t help that he was one of the three POV’s.

And I’ll be a bit petty for a moment: is a clover even a flower? My brain keeps going towards four leaf clovers sooooooooo

Image result for clover

He’s so hell bent on naming them based on flowers and can’t even commit or participate am I being ignorant about this?

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Anyway, meeting Summer aka Lily was… anticlimactic? She was okay, nothing special. You root for her because what’s happening to her sucks, but she’s not memorable or 3-dimensional.

The other flowers had more character than her. I think my favorite was either Poppy or Violet #2. I thought I’d vibe with Violet #1… but that didn’t last long. At all. Rose was an interesting character as we see how her and Clover met, it was the most intriguing part of the book since it was the most fucked up with her Stockholm Syndrome.

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“I had heard that true love is realized after a couple has experienced and overcome something huge.” 

Oh, I almost forgot about Lewis… which says a lot. He’s makes the third leg of the POV triangle, and it was redundant. I didn’t feel the chemistry between him and Summer through the flashbacks. I mean, it was cute? Objectively But we didn’t get much of it and I just couldn’t feel the love.

I think I mentioned this before, but this book is quite repetitive. They shower, make him breakfast, he leaves, they read/knit/watch a movie, he comes back for dinner, he leaves and there’s Summer crying sprinkled through those moments. I guess it picked up towards the end,  so that probably solidified the 3 star rating. So, despite all the problems listed above, I wasn’t bored per se. I just wasn’t feeling much to be honest. Only one scene got to me, yet it wasn’t a lot of feelings, just a small aw. Sure, it was a meh sort of book, but I’d read book two. Or book 1.5. Yeah.


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