Review: The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig || Unnecessary side character and satisfying romance

The Ship Beyond Time

The Girl From Everywhere #2

Heidi Heilig

book review 14

Some things should not be stolen.

After what seems like a lifetime of following her father across the globe and through the centuries, Nix has finally taken the helm of their time-traveling ship. Her future—and the horizon—is bright.

Until she learns she is destined to lose the one she loves. To end up like her father: alone, heartbroken.

Unable to face losing Kashmir—best friend, thief, charmer extraordinaire—Nix sails her crew to a mythical utopia to meet a man who promises he can teach her how to manipulate time, to change history. But no place is perfect, not even paradise. And everything is constantly changing on this utopian island, including reality itself.

If Nix can read the ever-shifting tides, perhaps she will finally harness her abilities. Perhaps she can control her destiny, too.

Or perhaps her time will finally run out.

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Published: February 28th 2017



Possible Spoilers For: The Girl From Everywhere

Trigger Warning





Emotional/Substance Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, Racism


“Our lives are before us, not behind.”
“That depends on where you’re standing on the timeline.”

I had a few more problems in this one than the first book, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this book in one sitting. That time travel plot? The world building? Even more confusing. The new characters? One very unnecessary returning character? Could care less about them.

After the events from the last book, Nix is happy. Her relationship with her dad is improving, she’s on her way to Navigating the ship by herself… things are good. Until she finds out a prophecy saying she is going to end up losing the one she loves and ending up alone and just like her dad.

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“But my father told me, and my grandmother told him, whenever you try to change something, you sacrifice something else.” 

This whole concept kind of confused me. It was tattoo on his arm, right? And/or a lady prophesied it?  Why didn’t the dad mention this in the first book? So many things could have been set up in book one to make the plot in this book so much more hard hitting and heart racing, but it felt out of no where.

And the settings Nix and the crew Navigate to kind of confused me where I couldn’t really visualize where they were. Of course there was New York, but that’s kind of all I remember. The concept of Navigating is still not explained. I can get behind it being one of those things where it just is… except no. If the main characters understand it, I’d like to understand it with them.

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“It is a blessing and a curse to know too much. When knowledge overflows the cup, there’s no room left for faith.” 

However the characters, Nix specifically, were still likable. She does get a bit wild in trying to save Kashmir, who she believes she will lose, but she still goes through admirable character development. We also get Kash’s POV here and I liked it? I didn’t know how much being in his head would endear me to him until it happened- there’s not much of his POV, but when it’s there it’s great.

Kash and Nix’s romance was also perfect. It wasn’t too cheesy or too lackluster, it was perfectly weaved into the story without taking away from the main plot. And though this isn’t a pirate book and Nix & Co. aren’t pirates, there is so much piratry here it’s so nice. One of the only major things that bothered me was David and his unnecessary inclusion in this story. We know I don’t care for him, leave him in book one thanks.

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The relationship with Nix and her dad still wasn’t as developed as I wanted. Though it had such potential to be complex and explored, it wasn’t. The plot twist was a bit obvious, but that’s just me because I was suspicious of a certain character… who didn’t need to miraculously pop up out of nowhere… *side eye*.

And the ending… I’m not okay with one aspect of it. But, the actual ending, a lot of people didn’t like that it was open, but I like open endings and this ending was perfect for this story. She’s a traveler, so of course her future is full of unknown adventure. Like I mentioned above, I had a good time with this one and I wouldn’t mind a spin off in this world.


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